Needle Holders


Our needle holders are manufactured with utmost
care and are guaranteed to function safely and precisely.



Many years of experience with the design and production of scissors have resulted in
precision instruments that feature extremely smooth movement and precise cutting capabilities.



Our forceps are characterized above all by their extremely precise and specialized blade tips.
INSTO manufactures individually designed grasping and holding tips to customer specifications and requirements.

Blade Holders

Nerve and Tendon Holders for Hand Surgery

The excentric positioning of the guide slot in the holding forceps assures a clean,
even cut of peripheral tendons and nerve ends and minimizes the loss of nerve endings.

Instrument Sets

Here you will find a variety of instrument set combinations for general use in microsurgery

Clamps and Applying Forceps

Microvascular Clamps
Microvascular clamps are used for pinching off vessels. The clamps fully satisfy all clinical requirements
of microsurgery, including
–¬† high grade stainless steel alloy
– electronically controlled closing pressure
–¬† individual functional testing

Instrument Cases and Racks

To protect our microsurgical instruments during storage, we recommend instrument cases and racks.

Hand Surgery Table

Our hand-table enables the surgeon a fast and secure
fixation of the hand. There is no assistance necessary
and it allows an unhindered operation.

Flat Handle Forceps

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